There we go…


Hello there,

Okay so because of the many request to actually do my blog in English, I’ll do it in English.

Right at this moment we’re standing at the Apple Store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong! Number three of the list, so we’re done with the Apple Stores, but about that later more.
Let’s start at the beginning…

Thursday, March 30th 2017, we left around 9:30AM to Charles De Gaulle Airport. From Marne-La-Vallee it’s only 10 minutes by train which was quick and easy, too bad for the heater which was at temperature Paramaribo.


Arrived at Charles De Gaulle we found our check-in desk very easily, but only was the line about an hour wait, which I was not happy about so I started to find a way not to wait. Asking my lovely French people, in my bad French, if I was allowed to check-in with my Silver Member Star Alliance at the Gold Line, and yes that was possible! Win (like my sister would say), saved us an hour. After check-in we left to the gate and saw some funny tubes, up and down flat escalators and of course the lovely cafe from Bricohe Doree, owh I am going to miss the BD. (FYI, the Brioche Doree is the coffee place where we drink coffee in the backstage of Disney. Shhh don’t tell other people about it)

After about 2 hours we were allowed to board to plane. It’s just really cute how Arie keeps on queuing for the Economy lines and I keep asking for the Gold-member lines, yet again we were allowed to walk through with my silver pass. I actually have no clue if I have a Silver Pass, Mom?

Once boarded the chaos started… Omg, I asked a lovely Chinese stewardess, in English of course, what “Hello” means in Chinese…… The lovely, very very lovely, lady looked at me with strange eyes, waved at me and just walked away. Oh how lovely my chinese friends. The guy next to us was a very very very lovely lovely old chinese grandpa who kept on making the most disgusting noises ever, and after the noises he would spit it out in a napkin.

Take-off went quick and easy, I actually fell asleep after 10 minutes, until an hour later when my love lovely FRENCH people were yelling, laughing and drinking in the airplane, it literally looked like an open-bar, saturday-night Billy’s a la Airplane. Oh well, some chinese people got in to a heated discussion, I ignored it and just enjoyed the Entertainment from live people. Because BTW TELEPHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN FLIGHT DURING THE WHOLE FLIGHT! It’s Chinese regulations.

Half way through the flight my lovely, very lovely, boyfriend asked me if we were flying over the North Pole, because he saw some snow outside. THE NORTH POLE PEOPLE. Oh well, this week is going to be interesting.

img_1975We got a meal twice, which was pretty good. Drinks kept on coming, and like my boyfriend typed in his blog post; I think I drank all the tea that they had on the airplane, because I was starting to feel sick.

Overall we had a good flight, that we were not allowed to use our phone sucked but at least we got to talk a lot and enjoy our new friends Chinese friends in the airplane.

Friday, March 31st. Once arrived in Chengdu China, Half an hour before planed we had to wait on the runway because they had not parking spot.. no parking spot? Reminds me of a busy city and no place to park your car. After waiting half an hour we finally got a spot and walked out of the airplane, dead tired.

We only had 1,5 hours to board our next plane and we still had to go through security, get bags, and go again through security. After the first Chinese security , which went easy and quick, we got our bags and left to the check-in. But omg… It was busy, the line was yet again an hour and we only had one hour, after asking 2 people if we could check-in quickly because we only had one hour the third lady said it was okay, but that was only because I have a silver card… no clue if I do. But it works.


Once checked-in we went to the gate, through security, where the security guy asked us if we filled in all the papers, which we didn’t because we were only for an hour in China. We got Starbucks quickly, Arie smoked a cigaret and off we went to Hong Kong.

Once boarded, this time we queued with “regular” people, so boring, we sat down and we were good to go. In front of us was an amazing family. Mom, dad and three girls. We first made friends with the oldest, she was 5.5 and named Charlotte. After that her little sister, Claire (Hey Claire), found out we were nice and so she started talking to us too.

We played Rock Paper Scissors, sang Disney songs and had fun. They came from Rhode Island US, used to live in Albania and now live in China. They can even count to ten in Chinese. Friends for life, too bad they forgot about us 10 minutes after landing. Kidding.

After landing the two ladies held my hand the whole way till passport check, until they went to a different direction. I got a big hug from them and we parted ways.

After passport check we got our luggage, which was delayed, then bought an octopus card (it’s like a travel card but you can pay with it everywhere) we took the train from Airport to City Centre Hong Kong, got a free shuttle bus to the hotel and people, we were finally in Hong Kong.

The city is amazing, the buildings are huge, people are nice(sorta) and the streets very very busy. Too bad it was raining.. oh well story of my (moms) life.


Once arrived we first took an hour nap and than decided to explore our streets. First stop; McDonalds, menus are only 3€ and they are so quick and efficient. French people can learn a lot from these people. Next stop: Apple, I love Disney, noo Apple, noo more Disney,  nooo Apple, nope Disney! There are three Apple Stores in the city, only 2 more to go.


After our little tour, we went to several malls, got offered weed on the street, a Rolex but eventually settled with a bottle of water from 7/11. We had diner at Tea Wood, which was sooo good, we eat rice with pork, shrimp potatoe something, and barbecue pork. For me eating with sticks went easy (thanks Lianne) but poor Arie couldn’t handle it, it’s okay, we got 5 days.


Our journey to Hong Kong is over, let’s see what the rest of days are going to be like. People: talk to you soon.

– Dani (and Arie, but he has his own blog)